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     Grading, improving soils, planting, managing water, fertilizers, and sun, and of course, building terraces, walks, walls, driveways, and decks are the background techniques to providing for Nature’s Miracles.

      Our Guide is to ask what Mother Nature and her creatures want and need to thrive. A Thorough Gardener’s Approach listens to what you want your land to do and what your concerns are.

      A Cape Cod Landscape Plan from G. Rockwood Clark makes a big difference in the final outcome.

     First, the Plan is created as a Design to implement plant answers for color, balance, focus, sparking sun, seasonal interest, buffers, and of course, gardens.  (Joyful Gardens for food, herbs for cooking and healing, fruit for birds, people, vegetables, and flowers and perennial borders).

    Second, the Plan allows for phased development. In the beginning, perhaps the planting of trees and shrubs is most important. Then later, maybe a deck or walk is needed. And later on, maybe changes need to be made; but the Plan is a reference for what good ideas remain to be accomplished.

    Third, the Plan might incorporate all the property lines, underground wiring, water lines, septic lines, gas lines, and irrigation lines and wires. These would be measured to scale and might overlay the planting plans, and/or building plans.

    Fourth, the Plan might show where pruning needs to occur or maintenance of plants is needed. Soil amendments might be listed for future gardens, for instance.


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Cape Cod’s perennials make for great gardens.

Daylilies,Shasta Daisies,and Phlox on the far left.

Jap.Emperor Red Maple and Goldenrod on upper middle.Russian Sage,Sedum,Thyme, and Roses line the brick walk.

On the right, Roxanne Geraniums,BlueAsters, and butterflies Gaura are in bloom

The Cape Cod Landscape Plan