driveways and hardscaping walks and terraces, pruning and fertilizing plants, water gardens

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First, an analysis is done of existing site conditions such as soils, grades, significant trees and shrubs, favorable and less favorable views, sun exposure,  water views, water requirements and availability, drainage issues, property access, and parking needs.

Second, the client provides as assessment of what their goals and needs are to make their property work for them, their family and lifestyle.  Feedback and recommendations are provided and discussed.  From that a design is created and presented for review and approval.

Third, the site is photographed and documented.  The Designer works on site to begin the mathematical exercises of measuring out the site and incorporating the elements of the design into an implementation plan which may or may not include phased implementation.

Fourth, the Plan showing placement of all plant materials, terraces, driveways, etc., is rendered to show depth perception and colored to match the actual colors of the plants.  The common and botanical names of the plants are keyed to locations on the Plan.

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